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Blank Canvass

My daughter is going to University.  I am proud.  I am happy for her but I am sad for me.  She told me to get on with living my life, to do things for me without the need to clock watch to fetch and carry her and her friends from school/town.  She said “Mum, you have a blank canvass’

I smiled a big smile but inside I thought

“But I have no paint”

And then I thought “fuck it” get off your arse and be the you that you want to be.  So, I contacted the fabulous tattoo artist Justin at Por Siempre in Lanzarote and said I was thinking about one of his tattoos and could he see me.  He messaged me back and said yes he had a cancellation so could fit me in, as it happened on the day my daughter got her A level results and the news she had her place.


So, along I went and I got this to remind me that I do indeed have the world at my feet.

Photo on 31-08-2017 at 16.57 #3.jpgM


slightly better

slightly better

Well, a quick dash to the chemist this morning, incognito (no make-up and a baseball cap) to hide the hideous orange/yellow hair, the purchase of a red dye and this is the result. Hubby won’t be too horrified when he comes home tonight from his month long business trip. Mind you, a month of Thai two-girl massages will have numbed his senses anyway!

Some fabulous TV and some not

I read this blog 6 Shows That We Gave Up On.   It made me think of some shows that I dislike and some that I love.

Old but great shows well worth looking out for on DVD or re-runs have to be ‘The West Wing’, House, ‘The Wire’ and ‘Spooks’.  All bowed out when they were done whereas too many go on way too far past their watch by date.  I liked Dexter to start with but this last season was a little bit dull.

My new favourite shows are ‘Game of Thrones’ although it is sometimes confusing as there are so many strands to follow.  ‘Big Bang Theory’ is one of the best shows on TV, love ‘The Vampire Diaries although even I realise this is mostly due to the glut of hot men in it rather than the storyline, which seems to mainly consist of a big event each week, which is a lot for such a small town, where chaos and disaster strike.  Quite like ‘Hannibal’ as I really do find him to be creepy – exactly as he should be.  And I have to say the first episode of ‘The Americans’ looks quite promising.  I also really like ‘Nashville’ but that is because it satisfies my secret desire to listen openly to country and western music, which my husband hates.


Why oh why?

Why oh why?

My husband has been away for almost 5 weeks so why did I choose the night before he comes home to go ‘blonde’? I now have brown, yellow and orange stripy hair!! Oh well, I did promise him 16 years ago that life with me would never be dull!!

Small pleasures

What is it about having a shit that is so pleasurable?  Is it something anatomical like the fact it slides out past a G-spot?  Or is it the fact that in such busy lives it is the few minutes we get completely to ourselves?  (unless you have toddlers or a cat that scratches under the door when you are in there of course).

Whatever it is, there is nothing quite like it and I am off to get rid of the best of me right now

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